Back again…

It has been over a month since I’ve posted. Time flies, doesn’t it? :grins: Anyway, in that time I have worked more on the SL island, took down the ballroom and am now working on Steampunk items – also opened a Cafepress store with some of the more RL useable designs. As well, in SL, the person I was seeing disappeared for 57 days. Apparently air conditioner conked out and melted his router/modem. Well after the return, he asked me to partner “marry” in SL. Cost him 10 bucks to ask, 25 if either of us ask to split. Anyway, I said yes – marriage to follow so he said. And then he’s gone again more than a week. Although… it has been hot here lately and more humid where he’s at, so may not be running computer right now. We agreed to exchange phone numbers when he returned, in case anything else happens – but he has to return first. lol

So I’ve been keeping busy with making steampunk stuff. And church, and bible study and the occasional visit to the senior center.

My CT scan came out all right – no problems seen. So that’s good. I refuse to make another appointment just so they can tell me everything is normal, like the results I was already sent. lol

And yesterday I went to the town’s music and merchants thingy. Good music. I bought a “Bahama Mama frozen ice thing” and added the marshmellow topping. Kept me pretty cool while it was hot, and I was leaning against a building listening to the music.

And LAST night, I went to see Smokey Jones and the Three Dollar Pistols at the theater. Originally 28 bucks, someone sponsored it and so it was free. Good music, lots of fun. I ended up dancing a couple times; three of us gals got up. Before that someone got me up to dance with him; but having had two husband who didn’t like dancing, I am not used to having a partner. I’ve lost the ability to “read” the movement signals, just about. I do better alone.

But it was good to get out and do something different.

My groundhog is back. I took video of him the other day in the side yard. The whole yard is way overgrown – I have misplaced the charger for my lawn mower. Pretty soon, I will call someone to whack the whole yard.

So the church got four boxes of books for their yard sale and a bunch of miscellaneous. The bedroom is pared down some, and the shed only has a few things. I have to pay next months storage rental tomorrow and I will open a bank account here in town. I have no debt and a high credit rating but I still spend too much in 2L – mostly for building but some clothing. I did look at “wedding dresses” for the 2L partnership. But I’m not buying until there is a return. I have one I picked up on sale for $5L (what is that, like 2 cents?). It looks a lot like the first wedding dress I had, except no blue ribbon around the waistline. Anyway, I still like the celtic one, but will wait on it. For the moment I have gone back to miniaturized form anyway.

Nice to be in touch with my niece on Second Life too – although I keep getting invited to things at the awkward time of day when there is too much going on in 2L. But it’s good to hear from her how things are at home.

I haven’t been out kayaking yet this summer. It came up so fast – but mostly there has just been a lot to do. I need to be much more out of here by summer’s end. Getting rid of tons of stuff over time.

Well back to work. Currently moving photos from Ipad Air to PC…

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