Foggy yesterday

Find myself rather sleepy today, for no apparent reason. Still I got dressed this morning and did things. This afternoon I did laps around the park to my music and then sat and had a tiny snack while listening to a little more. It was very windy, but not cold and the sky was variably cloudy and partly cloudy with a little sunshine. The redbuds are in bloom and I took a couple of photos.

I have strawberries to eat tonight and a salad kit. I ate salmon and wasabi a couple of times the past week since the salmon was on sale. Very nice meal.

I was thinking of paying off the loan before looking seriously for an apartment or mobile. As it turns out, I got an offer for my CO property yesterday and I may go for it. It’s only for one parcel and I still have the other. I’ll need to get the offer notarized before sending it back because of my name change a few years back. The property is still in my old name. Then I’d use that to pay off the loan on the town lot.

Piggies are doing fine. I need to do some nail cutting on all them again soon. And the boys need their butt check. lol~ I’ve gotten a lot of stuff out of that room, but between the two chairs and 3 cages, it still feels pretty cramped when I’m cleaning.

Oh and I drove up to Draper Overlook yesterday. I could see the road but up on the mountain the view was completely fogged in. I did take a couple of photos while I ate breakfast. I really need to charge up the “good” camera again, but my ipad is always handy so it gets the most use.

In Bible study, we started Leviticus yesterday.

Nothing else much going on. I need to: stock up on a few things, check out the YMCA, call about an ad from a mobile home park that is close, check out the local Mexican restaurant at JP Inn, and try out a few local places I have not been to yet. All in the next couple weeks, I’m thinking. Plus practice more piano, write more, design some more things in 2L, get rid of more stuff, take more things to storage, and perhaps visit the lake (still not warm enough to kayak). Maybe go fishing? I don’t know – that involves buy a license and bait and supplies, so I might wait until next month.

It’s a good week.

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