Whew! Busy so far

First off, I messed up my landscaping the other day so had to re-do a few things. This morning I had to re-do the Palace, because I pulled the torch out underground (experimenting) and the whole building went skittered. So I redid it on a platform, so I can WALK into the cavern underground now.

Then RL, I had to go to the grocery and I left the computer on while I did. I come back and FOUR people want to talk to me. Niece wants me to come to her SL cheerleading event. Ex-partner wants help with landscape texture. And I had promised to meet up with my Italian dance partner later in the day (an hour after the cheerleading even is over.)

So I’m waiting to meet with ex-partner to discuss what he needs for the terrain and of course, he’s meeting with his new lady in the nude. So I bailed until such time as they are not having goings on. IF I am not busy by that time.

Anyway, I bought a few new outfits last night – a couple for dancing in. Talked to my “friend with a sim” a little bit, and I went to see the mountains.

In RL, the town has an event today, but I don’t know if I can go. Too much going on in 2L. I saw one of my good friends in the RL store and hopefully I will be able to visit her Sunday.

I’m just putting any complicated stuff on platforms or just putting platforms underneath, depending on the build. Those things which do not “Rez” with the location in the specs, I may be able to link to the platforms I put them on. That way if I want to move things, I can just grab the platform and move that. Otherwise, I’ll use the “add 20 meters” method. And back, if putting in the same place.

Wishing there was a way to link everything without it adding up to “too many links” with items. Like being able to make a stick post, link 3 separate blocks to the post and then link all the different parts to the 3 blocks. But no, it adds them ALL up together and that turns out to be too man. So I guess locking things down is really the only way of protection.

Dressing is getting easier, what with the outfits. I use a lot of fatpacks on some things. But the suave black skirt and sweater doesn’t come with colors. Shopping makes me tired though – especially in those places where it isn’t clear where the mentioned items are from the ads.

Still don’t know who “mystery person” – sim owner is. Sometimes I think last bf, sometimes I think the one before that. Gets confusing. Why the overconfidence and definite statements that I want to be with them? Only one person could really say that and be correct, but some people ARE over-confident (my friend thinks that’s arrogance. lol). Whoever it is, they do not seem to be in a hurry.

Last night, while dancing with my Italian friend, I brought in one of the alts to meet him. I’d never fool somebody I know with an alt. I don’t know why I wanted to do that. Possibly because I had brought her there dancing before (he wasn’t there at the time) and felt like I should introduce them in case I do it again and he’s there. That way he would know. Anyway, we both always dress up: me in a gown or nice dress and he wears a suit and hat. Last night we danced on the roof. 🙂

Anyway it’s getting to be quite the social life. And I really need to work on more items for the store too. Some things got lost when moving from ipad to windows computer. So I may need to redo some. But I have quite a few photos to put out and some things to remove background from.

I’m too busy to take classes right now, but I want to. I want to learn how to make things low-prim and all one piece. 3-D items.

That’s it for now. I’ll add a photo in here later…

I want to mention that I fully intend to keep on growing as a person. As a matter of fact, I was going to take on learning the guitar – but the person I was going to ask advice from disappeared and I can’t seem to get any of the locals RL persons to answer my question. So… I’ve put that off a bit only temporarily. I’m always wanting to learn new things and relearn things I had down in the past…

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