Went to Bible Study

It is the rare occasion when I am able to have deep discussions with people, on an intellectual level. I find that most people want to talk about what’s on tv, what’s happening in the news, or things on a personal level – what have you done lately, how’s your health, etc. (or theirs).

So when I get a chance to have that rare discussion on the meaning of life, the meaning of God, the Big Bang, creative nature, education, archeology, and so on; I jump at it! Philosophy and such. When I leave earth, nothing goes with me, but discussions that bring me new ideas about how to live life are still valuable.

If we’re lucky, we are born into love with our family. If we’re luckier, that’s all we take when we leave. I still have love for all the people I knew, regardless of whether I choose (or they chose) to be with them or not. It will not matter in the end, the tenderheartedness will be there for anyone that shared it at any time in the past or future. (Of course, there will always be those who will not appreciate that, and that is their loss.)

Anyway, at Bible Study we had a short and interesting discussion on the Big Bang and God. And the differences between Christianity as it started out and the way it is now. It varies, not just between denominations and churches, but between individuals. Some just “go to church” and some are reborn. There is definitely a difference. My own grandmother claimed rebirth through baptism, but she didn’t treat other people as though she were reborn – definitely critical and complaining.

That’s off topic, really, but it’s important to me that I keep the right attitude. It’s hard sometimes, truly. When things go wrong or I have problems that are the result of someone else’s actions it is definitely difficult to feel or act like a loving person. But I have a personal resolve now, to say a prayer for that person and to go on without resentment. I take it as a challenge.

I had a challenge on the way to Bible Study today coincidentally. Someone on the street I have to drive through anytime I leave home, lets their dog run out into the road – sometimes more than one. The dog is small and if next to my car, I cannot see him over the hood. This dog likes to actually chase my car. I am kind to animals and of course I get nervous and frustrated because he can be blocking my way where I cannot see.

No I will not cuss the person out because this happens continually. I will pray for them in their blindness for either not caring about the dog (because someone someday is going to hit it by accident) or not carrying about how they affect others. I’ve honked at the dog (to try to drive it away) several times, so I know they must know. So I will pray for their uncaring soul.

Hmmm.. how did I get here… Well, all I mean to say is how rare those good discussions are and how I wish there were more of them in Second Life. There probably are somewhere but hanging around where “people are having fun” means not really be serious and those are serious discussions. So I should look at that more.

Anyway, back to work. And perhaps a snack.

PS. I’m a lazy blogger. The software asks me if I want to add categories or tags and what not, and I just skip all that because it’s a lot of decision making I really don’t feel like doing most of the time. 🙂

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