The new Food City

It IS nice to have a Starbucks nearby. I won’t get one every shopping day, but twice a month is okay and it encourages me to go get food. (I’ve been as much as two weeks without going grocery shopping several times lately.)I drink it while walking the aisles. Lots of people there yesterday and I saw someone I knew from the old church and she gave me a message for someone at the current one. Which I did.

The new store IS more expensive, but they do have more brands, including a couple of cereals I used to get that the store I usually go to no longer carries. One thing I was reminded of this morning that I *haven’t* looked for, is Halva. I used to get it in cans without the chocolate covering because i liked it so much. But it’s very high fat so I won’t be doing that anymore. lol

Anyway, the aisles are a little thin because they have *everything* in there. I imagine they are testing to find out what people will buy (of course that assumes they can find what they are looking for in that mixed up place)! But I need to stay away from their deli. 🙂

I did take the packed box down to the storage and rearrange things. I’ll take down the metal shelves in my bedroom and I think they will fit down the back of the storage unit for the bigger boxes. The house would seem a little more thinned out if it wasn’t for the winter clothing stacked on my piano – waiting for a box smaller than the chewy boxes to put them in.

The next thing is to get everything out of the bathroom closet I am not currently using and still want to keep and put it all in one box instead of multiple shoeboxes and then store that box away.

I bought a different cleaner for the cpap and it is so much easier to use. Just open the lunchbox looking case and pop everything in and close the lid. No more dragging a cord around or trying to ziplock the bag with everything in it. And it works on more than just cpap items.

I did get on oculus for a little while and explored Horizon Worlds the other day. I will need to buy and external battery pack because the normal one is running down really quick and I am not ready to buy the next upgrade.I did find a Minecraft world on Horizon but you can’t play with the blocks, only explore. And you can only jump down so far and they respawn you so you can’t get to the bottom ground. Oh and I played Minecraft while I had the “screen mirror” going in Second Life, so I won’t feel I have to choose one or the other. 🙂 I can play Minecraft while still in my 2nd life avatar. lol

I am working on some graphics items, but feel quite a bit distracted – plus I’m aware I shouldn’t be sitting long times as it’s not good for me. That’s a bit difficult today as I don’t feel a lot of energy even though I slept okay. I think the humidity is a bit draining, and then there are my allergies…

But overall, I’m just waiting to hear if I can start planning more specific parts of moving. I would rather not spend another winter in this house. And I need to check the dresser on my porch – hornets may be building a nest in their. I have seen several sneaking into the drawers. But I’ll wait until a cooled down day (yes we do get some).

Laundry is done, so I need to put stuff in the dryer…

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