Well I have decided to move, if I haven’t already mentioned that. I don’t know when that’ll be. But I need to get away from this house – which is falling apart faster than I can fix it (except the kitchen). Also need to get away from rickety stairs, smelly cats in the neighborhood, high electric bills, high home insurance costs, taxes, etc.

So in view of that, I rented a storage container that doesn’t cost very much and started putting stuff into it. Things I need out of the way so I can sort everything else. I started with piggy blanket fabric stuff, and for now, my “donations” box. Also some things that I don’t need right now, but will need when I move.

I’ve started inventory as a way to encourage myself to get rid of stuff. I do this in between Second Life work, as I cannot *stand* to do the whole inventory at once. At the moment, it is genealogy books I am making a list of. In the process, I looked over at the stuffed bear on my headboard and decided to take him and a couple of other stuffed animals and donate them. (I took their photo first, so I will still “have” them in my private sim lol. (I may do this with lots of things I have been reluctant to part with).

I did go down to the Senior Center (the “site” as one of my friends calls it). Two of my friends had a birthday this week so they were celebrating (in addition to the cake I brought down the other day). So I had a cupcake for breakfast since I didn’t have anything else prior.

But… I came home and prepared myself a huge omelet with onions, red bell pepper and melted cheese. It was good. I also have a roast chicken I had much of yesterday, but need to tear it apart and freeze the rest. I am looking forward to having a better kitchen when I move. But I am having to fight the tendency to have cereal a lot because it’s so easy. Especially at night.

Anyway, I’ve stalled enough this afternoon, so I need to get back to my stuff. A friend has asked me to come walking now that there is good weather and I plan to do that later this week. But first, sort and dump stuff…

I had a bad dream last night. I was walking by some piles of leaves on the ground (I had been thinking about ground tiles with leaves in 2L – lol) and they were sticky and stuck to me. The more I tried to get them off, the more they stuck and I noticed they were filled with some kind of bug eggs or something. I began to panic wondering what the heck I had got on myself – and then I woke up. Yeesh! Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

And then I had to get up and get down to the Senior center with only one cup of coffee, no shower, and no breakfast. Not a good start, but it turned out ok. I gave my friend her card and the trinket I had bought her. The other one already had hers.

So back to work and pray I find a good place to move to that isn’t too expensive.

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