Relaxed day.

Got dressed this morning and went right down to SC with my coffee. I got there just as my friends were arriving. I guess they are doing a diabetes program, but it didn’t start until just before I was leaving. I picked up next month’s calendar. Again, I will probably only go to a couple of things. I just show up at least once a week to say hi to peeps and find out how everyone is doing.

So it is the end of the month and finally time to change the sheets for warmer weather. So started out with laundry to do. Now it’s after 8pm and I am doing the girl piggies laundry. Tomorrow I will do boy piggies’ cages and laundry and pay RE taxes on my places here.

I’ve set a weight loss goal complete with chart and deadlines. I will have no pizza that I buy or donuts until I have met goal. And I quit buying cereal for now too. I’ve been finding that my little egg cooker works really good for boiled eggs and I can eat those in less time and fuss than cooking scrambled or omelets. But today I had one piece of toast and 6 mini-meatballs because I haven’t gone to the store to get more turkey sausage. And I had a Caesar salad for lunch )I never use even half the dressing). Beef and Peppers tv dinner for supper.

Obviously been in SL much of the day just working on my island home. I did a bit of graphics work, and I have a couple of programs to install. The concept of AI making pictures for me is interesting and I want to try it out concerning some dreams I have had over the year and see if it will draw them for me. I get frustrated with my own attempts at art, but having visuals of dreams appeals to me.

I think I will go install that now.

Oh, one note. I got my CT scan yesterday. Bone scan has to wait until a week or so because of the contrast fluid. It was yuck to drink, even in Gatorade. I also need to catch up on glasses, teeth and Silver Sneakers sign ups.

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