Spring has Sprung

This morning I picked daffodils and took them down to the senior center for them to enjoy. They bloom in a spot I cannot see out my windows unless I stand right there. So I figured someone might enjoy them other than I.

Energy is getting better and I got good sleep last night. Not so much to try functioning without coffee, but enough that I actually showered and dressed and got in the car this morning. Not something I had been doing much of. Enjoyed some hugs from friends at the senior center before leaving to come back home.

My box in the car for charity is about half full, and the construction size trash back even more so. I cleared out a bunch of things in the shed yesterday. There are other things in there I will get out – table legs and lumber to put in the basement, and some hardware stuff I probably will not use.

I got all the piggy cages clean yesterday and started their laundry today. I just love the Wheekypets laundry bags from Amazon. Keeps me from worrying about clogging the washing machine with their fur and hay. Sammy was being picky this morning and turned away from the baby carrot I offered. He’s old, so I really have to watch his diet and make sure he eats well. I just checked and he’s eaten about 2/3 of that baby carrot in addition to his pellet food. So that’s good. The others have no problem scarfing down their food.

I have an appointment with a specialist for some “issue”, but I’m told the appointment will be only 20 minutes! Hardly seems worth it to drive an hour just to spend 20 minutes. Feels like I need to stay away from doctors. The current one relies completely on blood tests – doesn’t even touch more or do the things my doctors in the past have done. And if there’s a question, sends me out elsewhere. No, it’s hardly worth going anymore – even for a physical. Waste of money and resources. (Not my money, you understand – the insurance and Medicare pay for it.)

It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees today, but I don’t know if it will. But I feel better overall for not being cold outside.

Considering getting a large container to pack away kitchen stuff I am not using at present; things like cookie sheets and large cookware, etc. Then put it in storage. Everything I put in there is not stuff I will cry over if it gets broken into. Just extra things I may use later, especially when I have a full kitchen with an oven instead of using the toaster oven and microwave.

Back to fun in 2L….

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