Didn’t realize it has been a while

Well, let’s see – what have I done lately?

I went to the town marketplace on Tuesday and listened to music. Went to Bible study last night. Been trying to work on clearing stuff – today I am working on the entry way and (possibly) the living room.

All at once there are so many places to go and my to-do list is full here at home. Go to a yard sale? Seems self-defeating if you are (like me) trying to get rid of stuff. There’s nothing I need at present that I don’t have – I am trying to convert most “knick knacks” into digital files so I can look at them when I want and get rid of clutter. Hard though, particularly with the useful ones.

I’ve gotten back to writing poetry again, but it’s not on here; I have it in another site. The muse is awake and busy – sometimes hitting me just before I sleep.

I find it hard to get everything done, but still trying with the checklists; which have now filtered into Secondlife as well. Every morning there’s a sim walk where a list is being made of things to do there: smooth out terrain rough spots, figure out what to put in certain areas, work on transporters, media, etc. Lots to do there in-between RL chores.

Still haven’t bought a real guitar yet, but I’m planning to. Property taxes and a medical bill first. Not a problem; I’m just slow at getting to it. I want to get back to exercycle and walking but the time is difficult for being so busy. Yet I still have to set aside time for self-expression. Not that it matters to anyone but me, but it helps clear my head. And maybe offer some ideas to the few readers that read here.

That’s it for now. Another cup of coffee and I’m on the move…

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