Low Energy day

Not feeling all that well today – I got started okay, but I am feeling like I won’t get much done. Weight has gone down again and that’s good at least. But I’m just not up to par. I suppose I need to eat breakfast – have not done that yet.

I think it is partly because the house is an obstacle course right now. All the stuff I know I am getting rid of so far is piled up in the entryway, for one thing. Then the piggy stuff is taking up a lot of room in their space as well – I am washing their laundry right now. Mostly I think I’m just tired.

All the core sleep was done in the first hour and a half of the night, according to my iwatch. That means I went right to sleep and slept hard.

Anyway, I need to get rid of a lot of stuff and right now it seems like what I have dug up has not been quite enough. I really want to do more creative stuff, but learning is an obstacle at the moment. Not concentrating very well.

So today is running as one foot in front of the other, I guess. I had some good online conversations (typing) yesterday, and a couple have approached me for chatting today, but I’m just chatted out, I think. I think I have to spend the whole day pushing myself to do chores and what-not.

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