Been having fun

I’ve been enjoying SecondLife for the past week. Except for home chores and the busyness of sorting and clearing out, I spend most of my time doing design work. I scanned a few things into the computer to put in my “house” and areas and have a few more of those to work on. I’m coloring a Chinese design from one of my design books.

In the late evenings, I’ve been spending time with someone online.

Today the “Triad” (I forget what the name stands for, but they help seniors and preventing crime and elder abuse) held a meeting at the Senior Center to help us avoid scams and scammers. I was a good meeting and I saw a few people I had not seen in a while. Meanwhile they served us pizza and snacks and gave out a door prize.

After that I took my friend Emma to the dollar store so she could get some supplies, and then to her home. Now I’m sitting in 2nd life while intermittently doing chores and sorting stuff.

I had bought a plastic toy truck to use with the guinea pigs last year, but find I don’t really use it and it is rather large. So I’ve decided to donate that to the church yard sale as well. Which makes it almost a full box now. I’ve also took a photo of a poster which will also go. So the rest of the day until nightfall will be spent doing more of the same.

Forgot to mention I took stuff to storage and had my car inspected this morning. It passed, but the wiper blades needed replacement. After that I went to the grocery store and then Dollar Tree and then home, before heading to the Triad meeting.

Our Family Dollar on Main is closing down and friends have bought stuff on sale. I don’t go to that one very often – sometimes I have when looking for something pretty much everywhere. Part of this economy – people are spending less, particularly where most of the population is on Social Security and limited incomes.

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