Yesterday was a Bear

Yeah, a day worth writing about… First I needed to get gas for my car. So I went off to get that, and a Hardee’s frisco breakfast sandwich with my gift card from Ruritan. Of course, the gas station printer wasn’t working (it rarely is). So no receipt. So I get my sandwich and go home. Ok so far.

Then, I wanted to rent some container storage. Place doesn’t take credit cards… What place in town doesn’t take credit cards? Oh okay, so I’ll go to the grocery and get some cashback like I often do. Only I don’t have that much in the checking, so instead of using the debit card, I’ll put it on the credit card, like I was going to put the storage fees on in the first place.

Store can’t give cashback. Store manager and I think “Ok, I have to purchase something.” So I pick up a couple of things and that rings up – I say I wanted cash back, so cashier tries to do that. Still no go. (Nothing wrong with the card, because the groceries rang up.)

Ok, I’ll go to the bank – they must have an ATM. (At this point I notice I have my credit card, but not my wallet!) ATM is not IN the bank, but around back. Ok, so I go to the ATM. Now, I can make a purchase with no ID, no pin, no nothing. But at the ATM it is asking me for a pin for a card I haven’t used in at least six months and has a zero balance (ok, except for the groceries I just bought). I try two pins I usually use. No go.

At this point, I’m thinking I must have left my wallet at home and anyway, I have cash there I can use for the storage fees. So I go all the way home and get that. While there, I do not see my wallet, so I call the storage place. Apparently in my haste, I left it on the counter, so she’ll keep track until I get back. Whew!

I did get the storage container rented – and paid for three months in addition to the days for the rest of the month. So that’s done. I will move craft junk and piggy junk and anything I don’t need to *guard* into it, to help me prepare to move out and sell…

I was going to go look at apartments, but after all that, I was too jumpy to do much of anything except go home and do inventory on my books and play 2L. It was a decent night doing that.

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