Been a week!

My goodness, it’s been a week since I posted. I’ll start with last night.

I got confused as to when the Thursday service was, so I was ready early and went up to Church. Then I saw nobody was showing up except the pastor, so I searched online and found that it is NEXT week when the service is on. I had enough time, so I drove back to Tom’s Drive-in and got the special and some Strawberry Cheesecake (with the little curls of white chocolate on top). I had dinner in the car, up at the church parking lot watching the evening come on. It was lovely up there, and the food was good.

Of course I did the reading for the verses we were studying at Bible Study and that went well, with some interesting discussions. We are on the “Ark of the Covenant” instructions and makings and so I looked up a photo as to what it was supposed to have looked like. We also had a discussion on the twelve tribes and what happened to them. I enjoy looking that sort of thing up online, and even watching videos about it.

I’ve got a few things ready to go to storage tomorrow, but would like to do more. Starting to sort out the craft/piggy room now that the shed has less items in it. I went down to the SC a couple times this week, mostly to check on my peeps and see Emma.

I tried to make a 2L video of my island, but the sound of my tour didn’t carry over so it was silent. I’ll have to figure that out.

Had a doctor appointment this week – she is sending me for a CT scan. Nothing serious, just that things that are supposed to be there couldn’t be seen on the ultrasound. The doctor just wants to make sure they are actually there. I know they were in 2000! Just a check, and to make sure everything is okay before I head into my 70’s in a few years. Better to know, than not. The ultrasound was quite painful though – very tender.

Piggies are fine. Sammy keeps scaring me with his long sleeps and hesitancy to eat. I tried fresh cantaloupe, but even though they like the cantaloupe with the other pre-prepared fruit trays, they apparently don’t like it fresh cut with the rind removed. Maybe I’ll try cutting it into cubes like the trays have. because they just nibbled the edges and left the rest. Not good.

So other than sorting, discarding, donating and design, not a whole lot going on right now. It keeps getting warmer and then turns cold again. That makes it hard to manage energy use. But I did finally removed the weighted blanket from my bed and just left the electric and a thin blanket, along with the flannel sheets I washed yesterday.

Ho hum. That’s about it.

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