Still good

Got rid of some more stuff out of the house. I have some things to take for the church yard sale ready to go, and some things I just put into storage. It’s lightening the load around here a bit, so I was able to get back on the piano and do some chores I had been putting off. Still there is a lot of things sitting around waiting to either decide on or waiting to put with similar items as a group.

Meanwhile I’ve been spending time online, either shopping freebies and sale items in Second Life (because I don’t want to buy anything in the first life!) or working on my sim.

But I did get on the piano yesterday and practice some. I haven’t touched it in two years – for lots of reasons, but mostly because it just felt like there was too much to do. I have been motivated by my dear friend. Anyway, in some ways I was surprised at how much I remember after all these years. In other ways I can feel how much I really need to practice.

Mainly I am just all around happy right now. The weather has been up and down (I like the ups better than the downs), but I think I have coped well. I still have to keep checking room temperature for the piggies however. They are coping rather well, and I am certain to keep extra snuggle stuff for Sammy the old one.

I scanned some memorabilia into the computer so I can toss. There’s really not much reason to keep things no one cares about but me. So into the computer it goes – either to Second Life, where it decorates the house, or just into the computer so I can look at it if I want. It’s not as if I have a big place to keep it, or even visitors I might want to show stuff to. Nobody ever comes up those stairs unless they are trying to sell me something. Which is exactly what I do NOT want right now! lol

I’ve decided I will work at paying off the loan and then look for an apartment as I will be able to afford the costs of that better. Should not take long as I put the bulk of it back, so really there’s only less the cost of the property I bought that is owed. After moving, then I will decide what to do with that lot. As long as I’m not bothered about it (the mess that was there when I bought it) I’m fine.

Just thinking out loud mainly. Got laundry to put away, so I better do that and avoid the wrinkles!

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