And so January begins

Been a wild couple of days, but I won’t go into that now because I want to talk about SL. Learning a lot from architect friend (and enjoying the stories), and also working on projects of my own.

I got the apartments ready, so now I just need to advertise. Also today I moved the entire house at “Cool Wind” because 1) I don’t use it all that much, but wanted to give the Shack neighbor more of the view, and so I put it lower down on the next parcel. besides I can have my fairy boat and at least go over to my island without having to contend with the other neighbor who pretty much cuts off water access. And I put in apartments like the first batch but on a boardwalk.

There are stairs at the apartments that go down to the beach, but no water access BECAUSE the neighbor there had orbs that go out into the water and it is completely dredged out and lower than the edges of my parcels. One can easily fall into the ravine and the second that happens their security orb sends you home. This does not happen in real life. I know because most counties will give you property access to the water line, HOWEVER you are not allowed to cut off water access to fisherman etc. My ex had a boathouse on the water and fishermen were always coming next to the dock to fish.

In any case, I also made glass walls so that renters won’t fall into that deep ravine. As you can see, I put them around my house as well. I’ve also colored the upstairs outdoor walls – I think it looks prettier now, but I’ve always liked it. I made my bedroom in there green walls and a green bed. The other bedroom has gold walls and a really nice computer desk. Haven’t decided on a bed for that room yet.

I just decided to use that parcel as a residence since there’s no access to water there without bumping into security orbs. I put the zen meditation garden up next to the other neighbor’s rocks. The neighbor in the wooden house has a dinosaur looking animal that keeps an eye on the place.

The model of my friend’s Rockefeller house is coming along quite nicely. There’s a fireplace, bandstand, servant’s quarters and a skylight. For myself I am fond of the two balconys. It’s fascinating to watch it get built.

With that I will get ready for bed, because I’m exhausted from working on “Cool Winds”. My headphones are supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I will be trying those out. Hope they work as well as I’d like. If they do, I have several to toss that are either mangled or not working well.

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