Have some time to write (re SL)

Set up another 4 rentals in SL as soon as I get the boxes in. Did some more decorating. I also added an alternate avatar (male) if I didn’t mention it before. He’ll manage the rentals, change the rental signs out and etc. Anything that isn’t done automatically.

Meanwhile I spent a bit of time watching my architect friend moving the Rock. House around and I actually slept listening (in RL) to the fireplace in it one night. He’s changed the “Doll house” to a pink house and there’s a hot tub in it and such. Very cute with spiral pink columns towards the water with a nice view.

Funny story. I was staying at one of my rentals last night (with my alt as well) and listening to the water while sleeping. Five am and I hear an annoying stupid voice “Hey, mind if we join you? Woke me up out of a sound sleep. Whereupon I immediately put up ban lines and restricted voice to that parcel. I hate to do that – especially on the water, but they weren’t invited and I wasn’t expecting to hear anyone else. I just like listening to water or fireplaces or other nature sounds while I sleep in RL. Wish I knew who it was so I could ban them everywhere. Immature types.

Anyway, it won’t happen again. Right now in SL, I am sitting in a hot tub while my architect friend is having dinner. And I will get some dinner too, shortly. I am transferring my SL transferable inventory over to my alt to shorten the list of stuff I have to go through to find things. Much is buildable use. Things I made in the past.

Out boating at “Naked!” – Aways did enjoy boating. 😀

Anyway, I’ve been having a good time and doing a few things when I can. I rearranged my “Cool Wind” property so that it is divided into Zen Garden, Apartments and my house plus island. I need to do something about the table and chairs on the island, because avatars can’t sit properly.

Now for real life before I have dinner.

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