New Year’s Evening

After all the other stuff, I’ve been watching and learning from the Blender video. Practiced a little bit by adding beveled edge to the enlarged cube. . 4mx4mx.5m size with bevels on all corners. Kind of nifty looking, so I kept it. Might be useful.

I started to learn Blender once long ago, but then relationship came along and interfered. So I’m kind of remembering a little bit as I go along. Besides working in 2nd life, you kind of get to know things like which axis is where, that “z” axis is up and down, etc.

But I’m really tired tonight. Tomorrow is sign-up day at the Senior Center, and I have to get up early. I also promised my friend Emma I would drive her to the store sometime tomorrow. Also trash goes out (OMG! I haven’t done anything about that yet!). Thinks I’m just going to feed the piggies and go off to bed and worry about all that other stuff in the morning. At least now I have everything I need consistently on my phone: somewhere to write down spending, keep track of how much time I spend on different activities, my diet, workouts, and the weather.

But I’m always short on time anyway – even when combining activities. I *think* the doors work on the first rentals, but I’ll have to test them to know for sure. No rentals have come up anyway.

So with that, go feed piggies and add anything they need, change to nightclothes, wash face, and try to fall asleep quickly. Doors already locked, iWatch is charged, etc. I have already decided which Senior activities to attend this month, so that’s not something I have to decide.

And so starts the New Year. A good start, I guess, but I never feel like I do enough…

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