Well worn out in SL -and- RL

Well the architect in friend in SL has been building all day, so I fired up the Big Daddy Rock Club Hud and spent a lot of the day dancing through my chores and with my alternate avatar. Fun!

I started working on a gingerbread house, but a lot of it has to be done in a paint program on the computer to remove the background I don’t want in it. Maybe later in the week – and I have a bunch of other ideas.

Uh oh… they’re playing David Bowie…. Back in five…

Anyway, looks like I was spending the evening alone, so I went to Big Daddy’s Rock Club again – most of the time there were four of us ladies in one line dancing in unison. Fun times! And I am totally worn out – I am sure I will sleep well.

The above is the finished house I am residing in, although now it has windows and doors. The stained glass is in the bathroom window. Such a nice place. But the dear fellow cannot stop building so here’s another project…

A more modern look, as you can see – the tall windows remind me of somewhere I lived almost 20 years ago now. Anyway It’s very cool looking with an open plan and built in shelves.

So… I chose not to spend my evening alone and go to the dance hall. It was fun and on of the dj’s is from WV and that isn’t that far from me. People were talking about how cold it was – and some about the football game. But I’ve been dancing pretty much all day except for an hour or so and I am completely worn out. Electric blanket is calling me and it looks like I can sleep in tomorrow. And then I”ll work on wardrobe tomorrow, because it’s looking like I’ll be going dancing a lot – either in the club or with my alternate in the ballroom. lol

Getting better with the mesh body in SL – I have to save a certain “stick” for certain types of outfits, because if I don’t, it’ll save different mesh style over how I saved everything. And then I’m missing legs, or my breasts stick out of the dress, or I have two sets of eyebrows and what not! lol. Problems I don’t have in Real life. I’ve noticed ponytails seem to be popular, but I like my hair down. Anyway, gotta figure it all out, and keep a record of which save goes with which outfit.

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