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It’s been a heck of a day

I got up this morning, planning to get a few things done and then drive up about 1pm to visit my daughter as she was two and a half hours from me. I showered and was getting dressed and BOOM! a loud bang and the electricity started flickering and finally went off.

Apparently (found out later) someone was on the road coming into my town and hit a power pole with a transformer – so it blew up. And that caused 933 people to lose power. Well some said 11:30am it was due to come on. That’s what my cable company said. But the Electric utility said 3pm.

It started getting cold in the house after an hour. Not having anything else to do, I figured it was a good time to break out the canned heat and the stove/heater I’d been saving. So I did that. Worked well, warmed the guinea pigs’ room nicely. And pretty much we sat there there in the dark for six hours or so.

I gave them cucumber for breakfast and apple for later. I remembered I had a “wind-up” solar radio with a flashlight, so used that too. Tried to use the solar charger for my ipad, but being dark with rain today, that did not work. Logged into Second Life several times, trying not to use all the power left in my ipad and phone.

I talked to my daughter and let her know what was going on. The heater worked well to warm that room and I did make myself breakfast of an egg and cheese on the stove part – and hot chocolate. Had Raman noodle soup about dinner time.

I got back on 2nd life and friends were not on, so I went to my favorite waterfall and danced under it for a while until I was “hailed” to go back. More I cannot say, but it was a lovely evening making up for a dull day in the dark.

I am too sleepy to write much else. But I just got a :free: domain that SecondLife stuff will be going into instead of here. Because other than my real life, that’ pretty much all I write about.

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