Christmas Celebrated

After I set up virtual life for open house, I got an invitation to celebrate Christmas in-world (SL) with a group that has been going on for a while. So I went. Had virtual goodies (turkey, rolls & pie) and watched (real) Youtube videos (yes you can do that in-world – the tvs with web browsers work). It was lovely and so were the people. It was a lovely forest place to celebrate, listen to music and chat. Bliss Gardens, if you must know.

I had purchased garden supplies from her some years ago and had been a member of the group since then, but had not visited lately. We became friends and I will give her visitor access to my house.

Particle showers (like in the photo) were many. Sometimes yellow or orange, sometimes multicolored and sometimes red hearts. Wish we could shoot particle showers at our friends in RL!

Anyway it was a nice time, but now I have to go – cause piggies are wheeking for dinner.

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