No church tomorrow.

We’re supposed to have ice on the roads so no church tomorrow. Good because there are some things I need to work on here in the house. Also I’d like to get back into oculus a bit, using VZfit again. I’ve been lax – and it shows.

I got a new headset that will work with my xbox, with the pc and anything that does Bluetooth. If I cast oculus onto the television (which is my monitor), then I can listen in to apps when I’m not actually watching in oculus. But I doubt I will have much use for it. I -would- like to get Questcraft up and running again. They keep changing things in Minecraft and it messes it up. But I could try using SteamVR to connect – that might work if I do it correct. I love Minecraft, but it’s even more fun in VR – like everything else.

I come close to doing Second Life in VR when I use it in Oculus (or SteamVR in Oculus) but it’s glitchy.

Meanwhile I took my friend Emma to the store one day. I’m prepared in case of snow, and I don’t really mind if it does. But I know there are things I need to get done. Not much else to say except that I have another box for the Free Store and it’s cluttering up my entry way. It’ll go out this week.

Piggies are all doing fine and Sammy’s teeth are doing better – I think he’s been eating more hay and so they are not growing too long now. But I still need to keep up with nail clipping. Which reminds me I need to clean Spike’s and Sammy’s cage tonight.

Hopefully 2024 is going to be a good year!

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