Logo Idea

So I have been having fun with this AI drawing program and it’s helping me come up with ideas of things to make in Second Life and some thing I might be able to start a little shop to make in RL with the designs. I came up with a logo….

I might change it later because it doesn’t show fairy wings, but it will do for now. I’ve also made some guinea pig designs in copper, brass and gold as well as a bunch of color guinea pig sticker designs.

I find inputting ideas and having them drawn is a good thing to do before bedtime when I’m just laying there with my ipad trying to get sleeping. Sort of prepares me for dreaming, doing creative work. I’ve asked the AI to make a cartoon of me, but it thinks I look better than I do.

I did not get a lot done today – mostly computer and Second Life stuff. I’m pretty tired – prolly going to bed after I do guinea pig care. Sammy’s not eating well again and I’m worried about him – giving him extra treats just so he gets nourished. I may have to get the shredded carrots again when shopping. That’s what worked last time to get him eating properly again. And some parsley. Or maybe he’s pouting because I haven’t given them dandelions the past week.

Anyway, so yeah – I’ll go do that.

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