Christmas Day

So while hanging out in the virtual world, I made myself a three egg cheese omelet for breakfast this morning. Lunch is sort of “as you wish”. Not sure about dinner. I’d order out but Facebook people say only Chinese is open (as expected). I will make cookies later, but dinner… Perhaps I’ll cook a small steak or chicken.

The main activity this afternoon is opening all my Christmas cards – from friend, neighbors, church people, and friends at the Senior Center. One of them I need to pray for: She’s having heart surgery this week. She’s the only other close person I know who plays app games on her phone.

Trying to get a head start on the new year. I have an ipad mini that I either need to get the screen fixed or wipe it and donate. I didn’t realize how many apps I have on it, and I am trying to move ONLY those I still want over to the Ipad Pro. That means testing every one (when the screen is working properly). I want to clean it out before getting it repaired – if I still can.

I’ve set up my Goodnotes planner for 2024 and put birthdays in. I have an ADHD planner I got from Etsy and it is working pretty well (if I don’t get distracted). Also a budget planner I have been trying out and am setting up for 2024 as well. Both are undated, so I shouldn’t need to buy any more planners! LOL

To all friends and family, online and offline: Merry Christmas!

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