So yesterday I saw an ad for an apartment. I don’t know if they have any available at the moment (the ad was a month old) but it looks similar to a place I lived when the kids were little. I’ve decided I want to get on their waiting list, and I have the money to establish an apartment for at least six months if necessary. So I can move stuff as necessary (but planning ahead what to take and what to get rid of). I have a pile of stuff from this morning as I was moving in 2L as well.

So I’m going through the whole bedroom first. Trash goes out tomorrow for Monday, so I need to collect a lot for the trash and a lot for the Free store.

Being irritated is a good time to throw stuff out. Anyway, I’m just tired of a lot of it, but have to categorize in order to sort out what I really need. It looks like one of those apartments will be so much easier to manage – and more kitchen cupboard space.

AND there will be people around, so maybe I can make friends. Most of my pursuits are solitary, except for church and senior center. And that means I am likely to end up without any local friends if that is all I do. It’d be great to find others who play the same games and do the same sort of stuff online, that I can actually have over to visit and vice versa.

So that’s my pursuit today – categorize and weed out.

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