Blue Heaven

Big Blue House in Tersa - Second Life
Living room - Big Blue House in Tersa

This is the house I wish I had. With about an acre of land behind. But for now and the foreseeable future, having it virtually is where I am. I have opened the access to friends and anyone else who cares to enter. This is Christmas, and I am spending it designing and doing chores. I watched my virtual architect friend designing for a while this morning, but there are things to get done.

I have pretty much decided to rent out all but one other place and keep this one and Laughing Sugar (Cabana House with my office) and the store. I sleep in Fantasy Forest for the foreseeable future.

I plan to put photos of my other three guinea pigs on the walls in the dining area here – because they are always hungry anyway! It’s a big house and will take me a while to furnish it properly, but there will be guest rooms.

I bought an expensive avatar yesterday, but it’s taking me some time to figure out how to use it properly. So between that and Blender, I have some studying to do.

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