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New Year’s Day

Watching video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCHjcr1Gb3g

I’m really enjoying the video, as they are talking about things I know about. (I’m currently fitting it in between all the other things I do.) Of course I love “Lord of the Rings”, so when they talk about that I can relate immediately. I read it first when I was 13 and have read it to multiple people as well as to my children since then. I have the fancy hardback copy. It has pretty much always been my favorite book.

They did get me to thinking about AI and I might experiment with that, but I’m not a person who runs out of ideas. I do think that combining deepfakes with AI is going to be dangerous. We won’t know who are leaders are, we won’t know if they are being real with us or are “programmed” in a certain way as to gain followers (and then turn on us when we have been “prepared”) to become tyrants. There’s enough real humans who have done that without adding the further curse of deepfake actors who will do that.

I watched Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” series on PBS some decades ago and still remember it. This video seems to go even further and brings in so many elements of technological change, that I was compelled to subscribe to Jordan Peterson’s videos and will definitely watch more.

And then it was off to the NoonDay Dance in Fairy Crossing Mushroom Circle…

For the New Year: Projects
Learn Blender for SL (furniture and architecture)
Work on Wallpaper designs SL
Keep decorating Blue Heaven house
Clear debris off of bought RL property
Start gardening RL property (Spring)
Keep up with Budget
Get all the SL Rentals started & buy land that connects them
Take trip to visit daughter and grandkids (spring)
Kayak more (spring/summer)
Recreate Minecraft House in SL
Recreate childhood home in SL
Get house fixed: new basement door, foundation crack fixed, steps to upper level
Keep decluttering and donating to Free Store
Lose weight & exercycle
Get 99% of my email off of Gmail

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