Friday day out with seniors

We were scheduled to go out yesterday to a restaurant, so I knew I needed to wash my hair beforehand. I don’t usually get up early (6:30am) but I did and immediately showered and washed hair, got basically dressed, and did all the morning chores as quick as possible.

Computer had logged me off during the night, so I made a quick note and got back to chores. Fridays are my “reward” donut day – so it was off to get my morning donut and coffee and take it to the senior center early. I showed off pictures of my SL house and some real life stuff, like my grandkids before it was time to leave.

I usually sit all the way in the back of our transport bus, because I am agile enough to climb over the wheel well and the others aren’t so much. And that is where I was this time – besides that has enough window to see out good. Chatted a bit on the way, but was also bent on working on financial stuff on my ipad as well.

The buffet was excellent and I probably at too much, but had the foresight to order a piece of chocolate meringue pie to take home. We had chicken, catfish, spaghetti, green beans, corn, hush puppies, and I had some peaches from the salad bar as well. After two platefuls, I was full. We stopped to drop off one of our seniors (that does not drive) on the way back.

While we were on the way back, I got a message from the junk haulers to call them, but had to message back that I was in a noisy bus and would call back in 10 to 15 minutes. I didn’t know about the drop-off then, so it was a little longer. Called as soon as I got back and got the answering machine again. So I left a brief message and waited to hear. I drove over to the lot to see if they might be there since it was close – but no, didn’t see anyone. And it was cold so I went home and waited. I heard nothing further on Friday and I took my phone everywhere I went in the house so as not to miss any calls. Still nothing.

I was going to go to the store after coming back, because the piggies are low on veggies and I could use a few things. But I didn’t because I was thinking the haulers might call again… They didn’t.

I started watching some video while waiting and I suddenly got really super tired. Probably blood sugar crash. So about 7pm I took care of piggies chores, got into bed and crashed the rest of the night, waking up briefly to actually get ready for bed. I didn’t have any online messages, so I just gave myself up to sleep for the night.

It was supposed to snow today, but it doesn’t look like it will. So when the temperature is at it’s highest I will go grocery shopping (and take my phone just in case). Meanwhile, I will do chores and Second life after breakfast.

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