The last day

Got up early this morning to shower and dress to pick up my senior friend and get to church. Good Service. Then I came home and ate lunch and took a nap pretty much.

When I woke up at Five PM, I felt much revived. My church was having a “walk-in” communion from 5:30pm to 7pm, and I was one of the first to walk in. I felt it was a really good way to end the year. I am hoping to get more done on real property this year – I have had problems with people showing up recently.

Tomorrow I have to work on my budget planner. I have a great one in GoodNotes, but I needed something for my phone to write down every purchase before I forget – especially with cash. And put birthdays and such in my planner. Next shopping day I need to buy EIGHT cards for January birthdays! I will try not to forget.

I love GoodNotes and I finally went for GoodNotes 6. I use it for everything, mostly because the document scanner is so good. I have been able to throw away a lot of stuff because I make pdfs in the app and then store them away.

I’m also starting to shift my email stuff back off the free services. After watching a few documentaries I don’t trust them anymore. I get email with hosting, so I’m switching to that. Hopefully leaving much of the “junk” behind. This looks to be a busy year and so I say…

Happy New Year 2024!

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