Southern Tastes

I would have thought my Northerner parents would have realized I was aligned with my Southern Ancestors at the age of five. I was at a babysitters house down the street and had my first sweet potato with dinner. They came to pick me up and I did NOT want to leave. I rebelled. They finally let me take the remains of the first one and a second one home with me.

From that day forward I was crazy about sweet potatoes. But mum did not cook them very often. She did not have strong hands and I think it was hard for her to cut them up. It’s rather difficult for me as well, but the sweet taste drives me on. But when we went to church potlucks there was always someone who made something with sweet potatoes. I always enjoyed it.

As I write this I am cooking batches of cut up sweets in the microwave. I had bought too many and put off using them a little too long. So I’ve spent an hour or so cutting off the bad parts and now they are being cooked so I can mash them and turn them into pudding. Unfortunately, I can not eat it today because today is no carb day! So when the pudding is done, I will wrap it up and refrigerate it until tomorrow. Hmmm… I’ve never cooked sweet potato pancakes, so I might try doing that for breakfast.

I love ’em. Mashed, or even just cooked in the microwave until they are soft. If the skin doesn’t look bad, I’ll eat that too. I always have a sweet potato with my steak when I go to Texas Roadhouse. (Which isn’t often anymore – I might take myself there when my birthday comes.) I like canned yams as well. I made a sweet potato casserole a couple of weeks ago, which is why I bought so many. I just kept putting off the cooking.

And I share. My guinea pigs can’t handle large pieces of them, so I cut slivers off for their treat whenever I am cooking some. I did that today as well. The oldest guinea pig has bad teeth – so he doesn’t always finish his piece. But he enjoys those first few bites.

Well done with that. Now to clean up the mess. I will try the pancakes tomorrow and possibly the muffins as well.

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